Face The Habit

A new series (2010) of images documents the artist's experience with her sick, homeless (20 years in Portland, Oregon), and addicted brother.  Eric lived with her for a year (2008-2009) and she documented this extremely difficult and painful time with a series of powerful oil paintings. They are now combined with her work at Monet's Garden (2010, France), where she was granted exclusive access to the gardens and used Monet's original studio (not open to the public) for her studio work. This is a deeply emotional and personal view of her feelings during this difficult time. Claudia made a film about her brother in 2009, "Get Down, Get Back Up Again", please see the links page to see the video.  Images are available in large (40x60) Fujiflex prints, please contact the artist for further information.  The collection is currently available in a small book and can also be ordered from the artist.